FUTURE Equity Release Service


The FUTURE Equity Release Service is provided by a number of financial companies – this allows us to provide you the best solutions on the market. Providing your details, whether partially or in full, you agree to their team of experts contacting you to progress your enquiry.

Our partners will never sell or inappropriately use your personal data. Read the privacy policy for more information.

You’re at the heart of the service

You’ve probably heard claims like this before and you’ve possibly been let down. So you could be forgiven for being doubtful. Let us explain a little bit about the service and you may think differently.

Qualifying Criteria

  1. To be able to qualify you must be 55+
  2. The property value must be over £70K
  3. Cannot have a commercial business/shop attached to the property.
  4. Must be your main residence.

Explore other options

Equity release is not right for everyone. For example, if you have savings and investments, it may be recommend you use these instead. That’s because it’s generally more expensive to release equity than it is to use your savings and investments.

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State benefits check

Around one in four of our customers are eligible to receive state benefits, but aren’t claiming (or claiming too little.)

As part of the service your adviser will complete a free state benefits check, to make sure you’re not missing out on anything you’re entitled to. If you’re currently entitled to state benefits, your adviser will explain how the benefits you receive could fall if you release equity from your home.

Include the family

Any decisions you make can affect your family and because equity release will reduce the value of your estate, you’re encouraged to talk to them. In fact, you’re very welcome to invite a family member (or friend) to the appointment with your adviser.

No obligation

There’s no fee payable unless you decide to proceed. If you take out a product that one of our partners recommends, you maybe charged an fee. This is not always the case. All fees and charges will be clearly explained to you by the adviser.

Once you’ve applied for an equity release product, the process can take six to eight weeks for the money to arrive in your bank account.


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